Formed in 2018, ICS consists of a board of directors, managers, senior scientists, and project directors. We are always open to collaboration. Please see our contact page for more information.

Board of Directors

Alan Bekelman, Chair
Marcia Cohen
Myles Doherty
Olivia Hoggard
Heidi Hsia
Darnell Hawkins
Al Moe


Alan M. Bekelman, President
Marcia I. Cohen, Secretary and Treasurer


Cindy Burgess, Controller
Adam Blackwell, Vice President, International Development
Stephen Gies, Director, Research and Evaluation
Prentice Johnson, Director, Information Technology
Michael Hopps, Director, Editorial Services
Dave Marsden, Director, State and Local Programs
Tom Vischi, Director of Behavioral Health 

Project Directors

Brandn Green
Fran Harmon
Robin LaSota
Sean Meredith
Rachel Stephenson

Senior Research Scientists

Jen Grotpeter
Eoin Healy
Chase Montagnet
Denise Nazaire
Elizabeth Spinney

Research Analysts

Shaun Ali
Amanda Bobnis
Scottie Whiteley

Research Assistants

Lauren Grant
Pascale Jeannot
Hannah Lyden
Justin Makepeace
Jeremy Morton
Francis Medina
Victoria Robinson–Hines
Samantha Wilcox

Support Staff (Editorial/IT/Accounting)

Eric Andreasen
Charles Bohm
Lisa Hoover
Mel Kobrin
Mireya Borges