We’re engaged. We work with partners to solve social problems. In fact, we’ve been doing this for years.

At ICS, we take the best of science and make it accessible and useful for policymakers, researchers, practitioners, consumers, and families.

The Institute for Community Studies is an outgrowth from the charitable research activities conducted by Development Services Group, Inc. We are excited for our expansion and the potential for applying the same charitable approach and expertise for new organizations. The ICS staff has extensive professional experience in using social science research, policy analysis, and organizational management for investigating, understanding, and addressing some of our most complicated social problems.

Our staff and board members have extensive experience with research and evaluation of programs to address social problems in communities, using evidence-based programs and strengths-based approaches. Our team is expert in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research designs, as well as in developing performance measurement and quality improvement.

We’re proud of our collective work in reviewing evidence-based programs for three federal agencies and creating dissemination tools in the form of website registries. More than providing lists of programs, we have developed innovative strategies for providing the information that sites need to select, implement, and maintain programs to fit their needs.

We’re proud of our skills and project experience. But we are most proud of the way these efforts have helped populations who are overlooked, marginalized, and sometimes dismissed.